Autumn 5768 / 2007, no. 30

From the Editors:

Show of Force
By Noah Pollak


Newton in Jerusalem
By William Kolbrener
What the founder of modern physics had to say about biblical metaphysics.


No Friends But the Mountains
By Michael J. Totten
A visit to Kurdistan reveals an autonomous people ready for an alliance with America and Israel.

Ethical Dilemmas in Counterterrorism
By Moshe Yaalon
Israel's self-image as a moral nation with a right to survive has been put to a severe test.

Old Fears, New Threats
By Uriya Shavit
Europe's fears of Islam are reminiscent of the old anti-semitism--but not as much as some people think.


Rabbi Akiva's Optimism
By Meir Soloveichik
The legendary sage had more going for him than wisdom.


We Forget Thee, Jerusalem
Reviewed by Emmanuel Navon
"How Dreadful is this Place!" Holiness, Politics, and Justice in Jerusalem and the Holy Places in Israel by Shmuel Berkovits

General Disarray
Reviewed by Yagil Henkin
Captives in Lebanon: The Truth About the Second Lebanon War by Ofer Shelah and Yoav Limor

Not Great
Reviewed by James Kirchick
God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Chistopher Hitchens


South Africa, circumcision, etc.

From the

Jews and the Challenge of SovereigntyIs "Jewish state" a contradiction in terms?
Israel's Electoral ComplexIsraeli politics needs a system overhaul.
Locusts, Giraffes, and the Meaning of KashrutThe most famous Jewish practice is really about love and national loyalty.
The Spectacles of Isaiah BerlinThe twentieth century's greatest liberal was anything but a pluralist
Star-CrossedRosenzweig and Heidegger: Between Judaism and German Philosophy by Peter Eli Gordon

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