Autumn 5760 / 1999, no. 8

From the Editors:

The Knesset Divided Against Itself
By Ofir Haivry

What Do You Mean, “He’s Innocent”?
By David Hazony


Fifty Faces of Post-Zionism
By Assaf Sagiv

Rise of the Judeo-Cons
By Kenneth R. Weinstein

Move Over, Singapore
By Yitzhak Klein


On the Political Stupidity of the Jews
By Irving Kristol
Whether in America or in their own sovereign country, Jews still have no idea what statecraft is.

The Court That Packed Itself
By Mordechai Haller
Israel’s Supreme Court justices are appointed by an arcane process dominated by the court itself. A call for democratic controls.

Russian Jews in Search of the Jewish State
By Anna Isakova
Having reached the Promised Land, Russian-speaking immigrants find themselves alone in their quest for Jewish civilization.


Prodigal Son
Reviewed by Jeff Jacoby
Kaddish by Leon Wieseltier

Room for Everyone
Reviewed by Ziv Hellman
Room for Everyone by Shlomo Ben-Ami

Reflections on the Revolution in France
Reviewed by Gadi Taub
Translated by Aharon Amir, Introduction by Yoram Bronovsky by Edmund Burke

Shas Literature
Reviewed by Avi Picard
Shas: The Spirit and the Power by Menahem Rabat
Aryeh Der'i: The Ascent, the Crisis, the Pain by Yo'el Nir
The Fountainhead: The Story of Shas by Aryeh Dayan


The Supreme Court, Art in Israel, and more.

From the

No Friends But the MountainsA visit to Kurdistan reveals an autonomous people ready for an alliance with America and Israel.
Zohan and the Quest for Jewish UtopiaAdam Sandler's hit comedy reflects a deep divide between Israeli and American Jews.
Lawrence of JudeaThe champion of the Arab cause and his little-known romance with Zionism.
Israel's Electoral ComplexIsraeli politics needs a system overhaul.
Nietzsche: A MisreadingNietzsche and Zion by Jacob Golomb

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