Summer 5763 / 2003, no. 15

From the Editors:

Death by Taxes
By Daniel Polisar


Urban Warfare and the Lessons of Jenin
By Yagil Henkin
How Israel's record in preventing civilian casualties stacks up against operations in Grozny, Kosovo, and Mogadishu.

The Jews’ Right To Statehood: A Defense
By Ruth Gavison
A new look at Zionism from the perspective of universal rights.

Genesis and Morality
By David Novak
Jacob and his sons offer a paradigm for justice, then and now.

George Steiner’s Jewish Problem
By Assaf Sagiv
Should the Jews survive? A prominent intellectual wonders.


The Crisis of Israeli Culture
By Yigal Alon
In a 1972 speech, the minister of education called for the rediscovery of Israel's spirit.


Can Patriotism Survive Democracy?
Reviewed by Jeremy Rabkin
Making Patriots by Walter Berns

The Arabist Predicament
Reviewed by Marla Braverman
Ivory Towers on Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer


Yoram Hazony and critics on the Kineret Declaration

From the

Israel and the Palestinians: A New StrategyThe former IDF chief of staff proposes a different approach to dealing with an old conflict.
The DissidentVixi: Memoirs of a Non-Belonger and Russian Conservatism and Its Critics: A Study in Political Culture by Richard Pipes
Ziegler's FolliesThe strange story of one UN official`s dubious affair with radicalism.
The UN’s Palestinian Refugee ProblemHow to solve their plight and end the half-century-long crisis.
Lost Generation

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