Hatreds Entwined

By Yossi Klein Halevi

Why anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism are becoming one and the same.

In a recent opinion piece in the International Herald Tribune, columnist William Pfaff cited a list of the contemporary political figures who are destroying American foreign policy. All of them happened to be Jews—Ariel Sharon, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz. Pfaff writes that President Bush took up the neo-conservative project, “with seemingly little or no grasp of its sources, objectives, or assumptions.” Gentile dupes are as essential to the demonic passion play as manipulative Jews.
The hunt for Jewish conspirators in government—for Jews who acted primarily as Jews, on behalf of “the Jews”—began after World War I, when demonizers named Bernard Baruch, who represented President Woodrow Wilson at the Versailles Conference, as a war-monger who had pushed America into war to further Jewish world domination. Henry Morgenthau, who was President Franklin Delano Roosevelts secretary of the treasury during World War II, served a similar imaginary role. The Nazis routinely referred to America as a Jewish-dominated mongrel nation. “My feelings against America are those of hatred and repugnance,” Hitler said, “half-Judaized, half-negrified, with everything built on the dollar.” According to Albert Speer, Hitler fantasized about attacking New Yorks skyscrapers, striking a blow at the heart of international Jewish finance. The lunatic militias of Americas Midwest have picked up the theme, warning about the Jewish lobbys takeover of Washington, what they call ZOG—Zionist-Occupied Government.
Now, however, you do not have to be a Nazi or a paranoid militiaman to discern a Jewish conspiracy to destabilize and control the world, via Zionist domination of Washington. Increasingly it is the Left that has taken up, in new form, the warning against ZOG. In significant circles, the notion of saving America from the Zionistsׁthe Sharon-Wolfowitz axisׁhas become axiomatic.
Among the most telling pathologies of the new demonization is the convergence of extremes of Left and Right against the common Zionist-American enemy. In France, Jean-Marie Le Pen attacks global capitalism and Bnai Brith; while on the far Left, Jose Bove, one of the charismatic leaders of the anti-globalization movement, who vandalized a McDonald’s to protest American influence, declared that the attacks on French synagogues were being orchestrated by the Mossad.
In Germany, neo-Nazis wearing kaffiyehs march in demonstrations together with radical leftists wearing kaffiyehs, chanting the same slogans against globalization, and waving the same Hezbollah flags. Horst Mahler, leader of the neo-Nazi NDP, is a former member of the far-Left Baader-Meinhoff gang. Here is what Mahler had to say on September 12, 2001: “The aerial attacks on Washington and New York mark the end of the American century, the end of global capitalism, and also the end of the Jehovah cult and of Mammonism.” Mahler precisely expressed the sensibility of those demonstrators in Davos, with their Rumsfeld mask and Star of David and golden calf.
The convergence between extreme Left and Right in support of radical Islamism was prefigured in the Entebbe hijacking in July 1976, when German and Palestinian hijackers imposed a “selection” on the passengers, some of whom were Holocaust survivors, separating the Jews from the non-Jews. For several decades, the folly of these German hijacker—who tried to prove how different they were from their parents by defending the oppressed, and ended up attacking Jew—helped discredit anti-Zionism, at least on the German Left. One of those deeply affected by Entebbe was Joshke Fischer, now Germanys foreign minister and one of Israels best friends in Europe. Tragically, though, the Entebbe warning has dimmed. Today, those German Marxist hijackers are an apt symbol for those who would affirm their humanity by demonizing America and the Jews.

Yossi Klein Halevi is an Associate Fellow at the Shalem Center and a contributing editor of The New Republic. This essay is based on a paper presented at the conference on anti-Americanism sponsored by the Global Research for International Affairs Center of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia, September 2003.

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